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Cultivation with Römertunneln FVG Euro Crystal


The new, crystal clear, super tough and UV-B open tunnel film for an early harvest.


3- or 5-layer, co-extruded greenhouse film for polytunnels is suitable for:

    • fruit covering
    • rain protection, other protective systems
    • early harvest or frigo plants
Technical data


  • UV warranty; 450 kly; 42 months in Central Europe
  • UV-B open > 60%
  • global light transmission > 91%
  • crystal clear
  • 150 mic thickness
  • high mechanical properties
  • S/CL resistance 500/100 ppm

Widths (m):

10 / 12,50

Data sheet
Icon UV Stabilität mit Sonne und Jahresangabe


The UV-stabilization indicates the guaranteed durability in years or months, based on 110 KLY per year and a year-round usage in Central Europe.

Icon Crystal Clear super klare Folie

Crystal Clear

Crystal clear film with > 91 % global light transmission.

Icon Folie mit hoher Reiß- und Zugfestigkeit


This film has excellent mechanical values in the categories tear strength, elongation at break and tear resistance.

Icon UV Offen - Folie lässt UV-Strahlen durch

UV-B open

The film is permeable for UV-B light < 390 nm. This improves the plant’s shape and pigmentation. Also, it supports pollinators in their orientation and strengthens seeding.

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