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HDPE-root block/ bamboo barrier FVG

root block/ bamboo barrier

Functions as a protection against damage caused by very strong roots.

Plants with strong roots, especially bamboo plants with its strong rhizomes, require special protection to prevent unchecked growth. Our HDPE-root block/ bamboo barrier with the fitting fastening profile is made for exactly this purpose and provides the required protection. This product is perfect to shield paths, buildings, pipes and wires from wild exuberantly growing roots.

Tip: For bamboo plants we recommend solely using the strong version of 2 mm thickness with a heavy fastening profile made of steel which is very stable.

Technical data
  • both sides smooth and high-gloss for better root guidance
  • UV-resistant HDPE
  • especially suitable for bamboo roots

fastening profile for HDPE-root block film

  • aluminum or steel in various versions
  • incl. bolts and nuts


HDPE-root blockblack1 mm0,6 m | 0,7 m | 1,0 m5 m | 25 m | 50 m
HDPE-root blockblack1,5 mm0,7 m | 1,0 m5 m | 25 m | 50 m
HDPE-root blockblack2,0 mm0,6 m | 0,7 m | 0,8 m | 1,5 m5 m | 25 m | 50 m
HDPE-root block Setblack2,0 mm0,80 m3,20 m incl. aluminium profile and label
HDPE-watering edgeblack2,0 mm0,25 m25 m
We can offer you any individual length besides our standard lengths. Do not hesitate to contact us.
fastening profile for HDPE root blocklight version / grooved insideAluminium0,6 m | 0,7 m | 0,8 m | 1,0 m
fastening profile for HDPE root blockheavy version, with bended edges, 3mm thicknessAluminium0,7 m | 0,8 m | 1,0 m

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