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Our cold frame greenhouse 2 in 1

The solid, yet flexible solution for cultivation with film | the insect net ensures protection year-round


Cold frame greenhouse 2 in 1 – incl. film and insect net

Our cold frame greenhouse 2 in 1

is perfectly suitable for an early cultivation in spring; during summer it protects your cultivation from insects and provides a shading effect. Nevertheless, it can also be used later in the garden year for cultivations like winter salad or winter vegetables.

What does cold frame greenhouse 2 in 1 mean?

Our cold frame greenhouse is delivered including the film and an insect net.
The film which is supplied along with the cold frame greenhouse is a superior-quality greenhouse film. Our greenhouse films are crystal clear and UV-stable for at least 48 months. Competing products are often only referred to as “UV-stable” or “4 vegetation periods” – we give you a 4-year guarantee on the UV stability.
Moreover, every cold frame greenhouse is supplied with a close meshed insect net. When it gets too warm underneath the film during summer, the film can be replaced by the insect net. Besides ensuring a permanent ventilation, the net also protects your plants. Our insect net is also UV-stabilized for 5 years.

Cold frame greenhouse with film or polycarbonate double wall sheets – Which one is better?

Light is a decisive factor for healthy cultivations. The more light reaches the plant, the stronger it gets. Our film provides a global light transmission of more than>90%, while polycarbonate double wall sheets are far below this value.
Due to the high light intensity the soil gets warmer. This is better for the plants.

What should I do when I need replacement film for my cold frame greenhouse?

We have more than 1 million sqm of greenhouse film in stock. In case you need a new film or insect net, just give us a call.

The scope of supply includes:


  • A solid frame made of 27 mm galvanized steel tubes which is also used for professional polytunnels.
  • 2,00m x 1,15m x 0,68m – a large surface area for an abundant harvest (can be shortened individually)
  • The floor anchoring ensures a high wind resistance
  • An extra mounted tube allows an easy ventilation
  • An extra strong, crystal clear greenhouse film with UV warranty
  • Including a closed meshed insect net with shading effect for a protection during summer – UV-stable
  • Every product meets professional standards
  • Easy assembly with detailed instructions

The product is shipped in a functional, flat carton (1,2m x 0,7m x 0,15m).


Our cold frame greenhouse can be used throughout the whole garden year. You can grow seeds all year long on an usable area of 2,3 sqm. During summer our cold frame greenhouse provides protection from insects. Furthermore, our insect net shelters your plants from excessive solar radiation. We recommend the cultivation of winter salads and winter vegetables in our cold frame greenhouse during winter. You receive a product of professional quality. We manufacture our products out of high-quality materials which are also applied in professional gardening.

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You can find tips concerning the handling of your cold frame greenhouse in the YouTube channel Selfbio.