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Root block/ bamboo barrier FVG


Root block for bushes and hedges with strong roots, for example rose bushes or thuja hedges. The root block can also be applied in biotopes.

  • self supporting due to corrugation
  • Corrugation: sinus or trapeziod shape
  • Can be applied individually and cut into desired size.
  • Visually appealing on the surface
  • Stops unchecked growth of strong roots
  • available in black or green
  • extra thick, 400g/sqm
  • Due to its wave shape, it can easily be layed overlapping
  • UV-stable
  • Especially suited for bamboo plants

The root block is available at selected DIY stores and garden centers.

Root block

HDPE-root block/ bamboo barrier with the fitting fastening profile

Particularly for the protection of paths or buildings against damage caused by very strong roots.

  • 1 mm to 2 mm thickness
  • resistant against rhizomes
  • black
  • aluminum fastening profile grooved on inner side
  • HPDE material with a high stress crack resistance
  • premium quality
  • extra strong and cuttable
  • UV-resistant
  • protection against damage caused by roots
  • stops unchecked growth of roots
  • resistant to rotting and recycleable
  • ideal for gardening and landscaping
  • The fitting fastening profile attachs the ends of the bamboo barrier securely to another.
  • We offer varying measurements upon request.

The root block is available at selected DIY stores and garden centers.

Root block FVG Folien Vertriebs GmbH

What we stand for

We manufacture our products from the eco-friendly synthetic polypropylene.

All raw materials in the production process are of EU origin. The manufacturing of the finished products takes place at our headquarters in Dernbach / Germany.

Our products convince by a particularly high UV-stability and they can be used for a very long time since they are extremely durable.

Our products are compliant with REACh regulations. Thereby we meet all required standards in terms of environmental and health issues.