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Discover the advantages of our foil tunnels


Protected cultivation is the theme of the hour in horticulture. The unstable climate and rapidly changing weather conditions force the professional cultivation to provide optimal protection. The tunnel is a solution for the protection and prematureization of cultures. Our Römertunnels are made for professional horticulture.

In addition, we also offer three tunnel kits in different sizes and with different properties. Discover the advantages of our tunnel kits RÖMI® CLASSIC,
RÖMI® START UP and MINI RÖMI® START UP for professional and private use in the garden.

The multi-system for professional cultivation

The Römertunnel® has a strong steel construction and is still easy to assemble. This solid polytunnel is the perfect solution for professional growers. Due to its easy handling, the Römertunnel® is also suitable for a variety of other functions: storage and hibernation, pond cover, wood drying, shelter and many other individual applications.

Convincing properties for our roman tunnel

Multi-part, multifunctional, stable greenhouse construction for professional cultivation.

Quickly set up and dismantle, therefore very flexible. Early harvesting, sun protection, hail protection but also for hibernation of plants.
In rare cases, it has also been used as a swimming pool roof.

Choose your RÖMI® film tunnel



2,5 x 4,0 | 6,0 oder 8,0 Meter
10 sqm |15 sqm | 20 sqm
height 2,20 Meter


3,5 x 6,0 | 8,0 | 10,0 | 12,0 | 14,0 | 16,0 | 18,0 meter
21 sqm | 28 sqm | 35 sqm | 42 sqm | 49 sqm | 56 sqm | 63 sqm
height 2,35 meter



3,5 x 10,0 | 20,0 | 30,0 Meter
35 sqm | 70 sqm | 105 sqm
height 2,35 Meter


3,5 – 6,0 Meter width
different heights
Our Roman tunnel is built in dviduell according to your wishes. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer

We are happy to advise you

Our service number for all questions about our tunnels:

+49 (0)2602 |92640

Tips for your tunnel

How much space does the tunnel need?

We offer foil tunnels with the following dimensions:


  • 2,5 m x 4,0 m | 6,0 m | 8,0 m


  • 3,5 m x 6,0 m | 8,0 m | 10,0 m | 12,0 m | 14,0 m | 16,0 m | 18,0 m


  • 3,5 m x 10,0 m | 20,0 m | 30,0 m

We developed the MINI RÖMI ® START UP especially for allotment holders. Since in many small garden plants foil tunnels are only allowed up to 10sqm of floor space.

Plan at least 1 meter extra on each side of your tunnel. For airing or digging the film and at the front for convenient entry.

Our Roman tunnels have been developed for professional cultivation and can be custom-made.

Place your tunnel either on light soil – in which you can plant… or on solid soil – if you grow in planting tables or pots.

Do you need a building permit for this foil tunnel?

No. You don’t need a building permit. This is at least our level of knowledge for Germany. Without guarantee. If special circumstances make you doubt it, ask your community for safety reasons.

The tunnel can be installed without foundation.

Is the film of the tunnel high quality?

The quality and texture of the film determines its durability, light transmittance or refraction, heat management, anti-dew behaviour and much more.

Different crops need different greenhouse foils. With the right film you can achieve an optimal microclimate. This improves the growth of your plants and increases the quality.

We are film specialists and supply our tunnels with high-quality foil. If necessary, we will advise you on how you can further improve your harvest results with special greenhouse foil.

How can I ventilate in my tunnel?


For ventilation, you can lift up the side walls of your tunnel. In principle, the longer the tunnel the more important is a 2nd door. It is essential if you decide to dig the film on the side.

Professionals roll the foil on the side for ventilation a little upwards and use film ventilation clips for this purpose. With our Römi Classic, the 2nd door is already included. Wheras within the StartUp Version ventilations clips are already included. The 2 nd door needs to be ordered additionally.

Tip: Airing is important, too high humidity promotes fungal diseases and too high temperatures are not good for most plants. With a second door, it’s like an air draft in the apartment – fast and effective ventilation.

What else can the foil tunnel be used for?
  • Swimming pool and pond cover
  • Wood storage
  • Chicken stable
  • Shelter for sheep or cows
  • Storage space for garden furniture

ATTENTION: The RÖMI® START UP film tunnel is not suitable as a marquee.

Is there a warranty on the film?

High-quality greenhouse film is UV-stabilized and tear-resistant. Depending on the film, you will receive a 4 or 5 year warranty on the foil of our tunnels. In addition, we guarantee top mechanical values. The film is extremely tear-resistant, has a light transmittance of approx. 89% and allows a healthy growth of your plants.

The film is made of PE (polyethylene) and is fully recyclable.

Our warranty terms.

In which direction do I have to set up the tunnel?

Build your tunnel so that the wind hits one side and not the gable walls.

Can the foil tunnel also be used as a marquee?

Attention: The foil tunnel is not suitable as a marquee! Since the film does not meet the fire protection class required for events. A normal cultivation operation is of course possible without hesitation.

What do you need to build?

The scope of delivery includes a detailed installation instruction. We recommend 2-3 people to set up the foil tunnel.

Our special pliers are also part of the delivery. Have additional standard tools from the Contingency toolbar ready.

In the case of stony soil, we recommend turning the grounders with an earth drilling machine. You can rent them from the hardware store or machine rental. The appropriate adapter can be found in the scope of delivery.

With soft ground, the ground anchors can be turned in even without mechanical help. Use 2 pipes as a lever extension.

Depending on the size of your film tunnel, the setup time may vary.

Do I get a warranty on my RÖMI® START-UP film tunnel?

You receive a four-year warranty on the foil of your RÖMI® START-UP film tunnel.

Our warranty terms.

Can I protect my plants from heat in summer?

You can use the shading net included in the start-up series. The shading and good ventilation prevents heat inside the tunnel.

Is it easy to reorder film?

We store over 1 million sqm greenhouse film. This enables us to serve our professional customers quickly and easily. A call is sufficient and the required foil or other spare part is on site within a few days.

Is my foil tunnel easily expandable?

Our foil tunnels can be easily expanded if required. For this purpose, we have developed the modular design, which allows extensions quite easily.

Youtube-Informations Römi Film Tunnel

The Youtube series with Selfbio

In cooperation with SelfBio, we have developed a YouTube series especially for beginners and self-sufficiency: “SelfBio Film Tunnel in the House Garden”.

In our series you will receive tips and tricks from construction to harvest, ingestion and hibernation. The series uses a RÖMI® START UP film tunnel.