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The shading net serves as a shading for greenhouses, polytunnels, patios and a large variety of other purposes.

Depending on its weight per sqm and the grade of shading, the net is being applied inside greenhouses and polytunnels or on the open field. Shading nets are also used to protect cultivations against wind, rain or hail.

Our nets are offered with eyelets for an easy installation.



Technical data
  • HDPE, UV-stabilized, 5 years in Central Europe
  • high mechanical resilience
  • with eyelets
  • colors: dark green, light green

NEW: shading net strong with monofilament




NameColourShading effectWeightWidthLength
Shading net, standarddark green50 %50 g / sqm1,5 - 12 m100 m
Shading net, standardlight green30 %37 g / sqmproject - basedproject - based
Shading net, strongdark green35 % 45 g / sqm8 m100 m
Shading net, strongdark green35 % 45 g / sqm12 m100 m