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We stock a variety of ropes, straps and tapes for various applications.


The rope is fastened to the anchors in order to tighten the film on the polytunnel. Anchor, arch and film thereby form one unit which resists weather influences.


Our bracing ropes have the following properties:

  • UV-stable
  • high tear resistance
  • less harmful to film due to lower fray ratio
Technical data

Round version


  • 3 mm x 100,00 m (16 times braided)
  • 4 mm x 300,00 m, 500,00 m (16 times braided)
  • 6 mm x 220,00 m (bracing rope orange, round)

Flat version


  • 8 mm x 100,00 m, 200,00 m, 300,00 m (16 times braided)
  • 2 mm x 25 mm x 50,00 m, 200,00 m (white fabric tape)
Ropes and tapes for the application inside polytunnels.
Rote Hohlschnur mit Knoten für Fohlientunnel
Coil fabric tape
6 mm bracing rope orange
8 mm flat
Coil 8 mm flat
white fabric tape