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The multi function net protects plants which are especially sensitive to low temperatures and frost.


Especially those plants being sensitive against low temperature and frost need protection. For this purpose the multi function net is recommended. It can be used inside greenhouses as well as on the open field. Besides its extreme tear strength, the multi function net is breathable and thereby allows healthy plant growth.

Our multi function net offers many advantages compared to a classic fleece.

  • ideal climatic conditions
  • equal water distribution
  • does not break easily
  • equal shading
  • higher resistance against wind
  • can be used several times
Data sheet


MeshesWeightShading effectWidthLengthFolding
350 / sqm38 g / sqm14 %6 m200 mfolded to 3m
350 / sqm38 g / sqm14%8 m200 mfolded to 4m
350 / sqm38 g / sqm14 %12 m100 mfolded to 3m
350 / sqm38 g / sqm14 %16 m100 mfolded to 4m

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