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Our slug barrier is available in two different sizes.

Available sizes

Our slug barrier is available in two different sizes.

0,20 m x 8 m

0,20 m x 14 m

PET material, green translucent
weather-proof and UV-stable (for 2 years)
Our slug barrier is available at selected DIY stores and garden centers.
Slug barrier FVG Folien Vertriebs GmbH

Protection against slugs without the usage of chemicals in your garden

Our slug barrier provides the perfect alternative to chemical solutions. Since there are no chemicals needed, the slug barrier is animal-friendly and cost-effective protection against slugs. In contrast to lavish metal fences, it can be adjusted to one’s needs as easily as it is set up, but still has the same desired effect. Thanks to its UV stability it is just as durable and has no disadvantages in comparison to expensive metal versions. Furthermore, the slug barrier is made from eco-friendly recycled PET.

Watch assembly instructions

You can find assembly instructions on our YouTube channel.