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Tubes and construction steel anchor

Construction steel and tube anchors

  • high-quality construction steel
  • big and strong bottom plates for easy usage

The ground anchors are easily drilled into the ground. They provide the needed support the polytunnel needs for its stability. Thanks to the fully galvanized material rust formation is prevented and a permanent stability is guaranteed.

NameTypeLengthThickness / Diameter
construction steelgalvanized700 mm14 mm
construction steelnon galvanized700 mm20 mm
tube anchorgalvanized, for a 40mm tube900 mm32 mm
tube anchorgalvanized, for a 32mm tube1300 mm38 mm
tube anchorgalvanized, for a 60mm tube1000 mm48 mm

Ground anchor

There is a galvanized and non-galvanized type.

The non galvanized has a 20 mm construction steel and a plate with Ø 120mm.

The galvanized has a 14 mm construction steel and a plate with Ø 150mm. Both are 70cm long.

Ground anchor galvanized and non-galvanized

Raspberry anchor

The galvanized raspberry anchor is 1,3 m long and consists of a 38 mm tube.

It is particularly suitable for arches of a 32 mm tube which can be stuck into the tube anchor. The screw plate has a diameter of 120 mm and the anchor’s hook is at a height of approx. 75 cm.

The raspberry anchor is galvanized.

Raspberry anchor

Tube anchor

We offer two different tube anchors.

Our 32 mm tube anchor is 90 cm long and is especially suited for a 40 mm tube.

Our 48 mm tube anchor is 100 cm long and is suitable for a 60 mm tube.

Both anchors are galvanized.

Tube anchor

Individual advice

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