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FVG Folien-Vertriebs GmbH


For more than 40 years we have been producing superior-quality products for professional gardening at our location in Dernbach in Germany. Our RÖMI® poyltunnel is applied around the world. We ensure that agriculture and farming are more sustainable and ecological. Our film is resilient and long-lasting. We manufacture our products according to high demands concerning technical and quality standards. We obtain our raw materials exclusively from the european market.

Professional products for your garden

Our product line Family Garden by FVG is designed for end-consumers and hobby gardeners. Our RÖMI® START UP is available in various versions. You can count on professional quality for your home garden – find out about the possibilities of our RÖMI® START UP. Furthermore, we designed and developed more high-quality products for our Family Garden series. You can find a selection of our products in well-stocked DIY markets.


  • 1979 Founding of FVG Folien Vertriebs GmbH in Niederelbert by Diethelm Klar
  • 1981 Founding of fvg america in Mineapolis
  • 1987 Sale of brandname fvg america (still in use until today)
  • 1993/1994 purchase of current location in Dernbach, Ebernhahner Straße 22 and erection of warehouse building
  • 1994 Introduction of new product range für DIY Stores and garden centers
  • 2003 Start production of poly tunnel, introduction brand name „Römertunnel“
  • 2007/2008 Expansion of export activities towards China and India
  • 2008 Developing and implementation of new FVG Logo „Professional Gardening“
  • 2009 Construction of new office building at Ebernhahner Straße 22, Dernbach
  • 2010 Purchasing of additional warehouse and production facility Ebernhahner Straße 67, Dernbach. Number of employees: 16
  • 2013 Installation 100 kWp photovoltaic equipment with battary storage capacity and energetic oriented renovation of buildings at Ebernhahner Straße 22.
  • 2014 FVG’s on laboratory for quality control and product testing is being established
  • 2015 Taking over of an additional product range DIY from a competitor
  • 2016 Further investments in DIY sector: private label branding, new products, patent protection
  • 2016 Construction of modern office and meeting facilities at Ebernhahner Straße 67. Current number of employees reaches 20.
  • 2018 Further expansion at Ebernhahner Straße 22 with 4000 sqm space, erection of additional warehouse and production building
  • 2019 Celebration of 40 years FVG Folien Vertriebs GmbH
  • 2019/2020 Expanding of product line „Römi“, implementation of new webshop
  • 2020 Investment in modern tube bending equipment
  • 2021 Planning of further expansion: new production and logistic facility > 4000 sqm
  • 2021/2022 New, modern production line for sight screen and other PP products.
  • 2022 Installation of additional 25 kWp photovoltaic equipment at Ebernhahner Straße 67 and 3 charging stations for e-mobility. Current number of employees: 30

Our products
for hobby gardeners, self-supporters, nature lovers and explorers


Plastic is a very important material and as off today there is no alternative that could replace it. We are aware of our extraordinary responsibility we have as a manufacturer and trader for films made of PE, PP and PET materials. Thus, we take responsibility not solely for our customers but also for our environment, our climate and the next generation.

Nevertheless, we regard our products as an essential part in the production process of regional, fresh and healthy food, which needs to be cultivated without exploiting natural resources. Besides taking action in a range of individual measures, we also support gardening projects in schools. These projects aim to teach children of the next generation how to eat and live sustainable and ecologically conscious. Thereby we lay the foundation for a responsible handling and the proper estimation of natural grown food.

Moreover, we support regional cultivation and work on complete solutions in the cycle of materials at association level. The concept of the compact greenhouse tunnel Römi® Start-Up puts the trend towards private, ecological and healthy gardening into practice.

Quality and durability

The quality of our products is decisive for the success of our customers. Therefore, our qualified staff checks and controls our products in our own laboratory.
State of the art testing equipment delivers quick yet precise results. Based on this we can ensure a constant high level of quality on our products.


We are member of the VSSE.


We are member of the GKL.

We manufacture in Germany

Our products are manufactured by around 30 employees at our site in 56428 Dernbach, Germany.


We purchase in Europe

We obtain our raw materials exclusively from the european market.


We are experts

More than 40 years of experience in research and development are included in our products.


We attach importance on environment protection

Most of our products are made of recycled synthetics.


We manufacture sustainably

The major part of our energy demand is produced from our own solar power system.


We provide quality

Due to the strict quality control in our own laboratory all our products are examined and checked carefully.


Our team

More than 30 employees support the FVG Folien Vertriebs GmbH and our customers across Germany. We will be pleased to advice you.

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